Sovereign's Eminence

Sovereign's Eminence


Treat yourself or someone else with this stunning limited edition collection if you are looking to leave long lasting impressions or simply upgrading your drinking experience.


This beautiful set includes a deluxe twisted crystal decanter, two equally beautiful designed glasses with two extra-large stainless steel whiskey balls with a velvet freezer pouch for chilling them, a special circle tong, and two slate stone coasters to protect your furniture surfaces. This collection also includes a double cut blade stainless steel antique bronze cigar cutter, an ashtray, and a torch triple jet flame lighter.


Note: High quality triple jet flames have much more firepower than single, double jet flame lighters.

Fuel: Liquefied Petroleum Gas not included and not sold by The Perfect Gift (fuel must be purchased by the customer).



Decanter holds 30oz