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Package Delivery


Standard delivery is FREE.

Standard delivery is on Monday through Saturday.

Once your order is dispatched, an email will be sent for confirmation.

​Your order is inspected prior to leaving our facility and again right before delivery to ensure no items are damage during the transportation process.

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not leave gifts unattended outside a house, complex, office or anywhere other than the recipient work place reception. If our delivery representative attempts to deliver your order on the agreed date and time and no one is present to receive, you will be contacted to provide further instructions. After several attempts with no response, the package will be returned to our facility and rescheduled for future delivery.

The Perfect Gift will not be responsible for any loss or damage of any gift should you specifically request that we leave gift outside unattended which would have to be specified in writing via email.

COVID-19 Procedure


We wanted to share some information about how we are managing our order processing and production through this unprecedented time. We are taking increased health and safety precautions, including wearing gloves and taking regular breaks for hand washing. We wipe all items even the original packaging they come in, all items are wipe several times even after taking photos and when delivering your order.

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