Pristine Perfection

Pristine Perfection


Looking for an elegant and practical gift that will WOW others? Well, you’ve found it!

They say Diamonds are women best friend, well that is true but Diamond shape decanters are everyone’s best friend.


This luxury collection features a gorgeous hand-blown diamond shape glass decanter with stopper and two glasses that sits on a mahogany wood base handcrafted by skilled craftmen that speaks the language of quality. This set also includes eight stainless steel chilling stones, a stainless steel cigar cutter with a classic leather cigar case with cedar wood lining inside to keep your cigars fresh, a solid aluminum non-slip metal ashtray and a windproof crackle pocket lighter.


Note: Recommend genuine Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints, and wicks.

Zippo premium lighter fluid (not included and not sold by The Perfect Gift).

Fuel must be purchased by the customer.



This decanter is designed to be thin and lightweight.

14.8 x 11.38 x 6.42 inches