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Looking to enhance your connection with your staff, clients, vendors, or partners? 

Our corporate collection sets are designed to motivate, engage, recognize and congratulate while strengthening bonds.

The right gift becomes more than just an item, it sends a heartfelt message letting others know how much they are valued.

Make gifting part of your company branding and employee experience. From onboarding to birthdays, tenure (workiversary), recognition & promotion to retirement.

A genuine message through perfect gifting goes far beyond one can imagine.


Impress that special someone with a desirable token of appreciation.

Our personal collections are unlike no other, designed around fun and sophistication.


These collections explore the combination of worlds to their highest point of creativity. Designed for those who enjoy exploring, developing, or having a good time.

From cool modern or vintage items; to alcohol and cocktail kits for the perfect drink. Personal sets can only be customized with alcohol bottles. Send us a message for customization.

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